What to pack in a range bag?

Essential Gear for Your Shooting Sessions

When heading to the shooting range, having a well-stocked range bag ensures that you're fully prepared for a successful and enjoyable shooting session. Packing the right gear in your range bag ensures that you have everything you need at your fingertips, saving you time and ensuring a smooth experience. In this blog post, we will explore expert recommendations from trusted sources to guide you on what to pack in your range bag. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, this comprehensive guide will help you assemble the essential gear for your range bag. Let's dive in and discover what to pack for your next shooting adventure.

1. Firearms and Ammunition:
Your range bag should always include the firearms you plan to shoot, along with an adequate supply of ammunition. Remember to follow all safety protocols when handling firearms and transporting ammunition.

2. Eye and Ear Protection:
Protecting your eyes and ears is crucial when shooting. Include safety glasses or shooting goggles and a reliable pair of ear protection in your range bag to shield yourself from potential harm.

3. Spare Magazines:
Pack spare magazines specific to the firearms you're bringing. This ensures that you have enough ammunition readily available without interrupting your shooting sessions.

4. Targets and Target Stands:
Bring an assortment of targets that suit your shooting preferences. Paper targets, steel targets, or reactive targets are popular options. Consider portable target stands for easy setup and use.

5. Cleaning Supplies:
Maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your firearms by including a basic cleaning kit in your range bag. This should include cleaning brushes, patches, solvent, lubricant, and a cleaning rod.

6. Tools and Accessories:
Carry essential tools and accessories that can come in handy during your range sessions. These may include a multi-tool, a sight adjustment tool, a small gunsmithing kit, spare batteries for optics, and any other accessories specific to your firearms.

7. First Aid Kit:
Accidents can happen even in controlled environments, so it's wise to include a basic first aid kit in your range bag. Bandages, antiseptic wipes, and adhesive tape are some essential items to consider.

8. Shooting Gloves:
If you prefer shooting gloves, pack a pair that offers comfort and protection. Shooting gloves can enhance grip, reduce recoil impact, and protect your hands during extended shooting sessions.

9. Snacks and Water:
Staying hydrated and energized is important during long shooting sessions. Pack some snacks and a water bottle to keep yourself fueled and focused.

10. Personal Items:
Don't forget to include personal items such as a small notebook, pen, and any necessary identification or range membership cards.

Packing the right gear in your range bag ensures that you're well-prepared and equipped for an enjoyable shooting experience. By following these expert recommendations on what to pack in your range bag, you can stay organized, focused, and safe at the shooting range. Remember to include firearms and ammunition, eye and ear protection, spare magazines, targets, cleaning supplies, tools, first aid kit, shooting gloves, snacks, water, and personal items. Tailor your range bag's contents to your specific shooting needs and preferences. With a well-packed range bag, you'll be ready to hit the range with confidence and make the most of your shooting sessions.

What to Pack in the IJ Tactical Range Bag?

IJ Tactical Range Bag

Now that we've discussed the essential gear to pack in a range bag, let's take a closer look at what items specifically work well with the IJ Tactical Range Bag. With its versatile design and ample storage space, the IJ Tactical All Day Range Bag is perfectly suited to accommodate a wide range of shooting essentials. Here are some additional items you can consider including in your IJ Tactical Range Bag:

1. Range Finder:
If you engage in long-range shooting or require precise distance measurements, a range finder can be a valuable addition to your gear. The IJ Tactical Range Bag offers enough space to safely store this essential tool.

2. Shooting Rest:
For enhanced stability and accuracy during shooting sessions, a shooting rest or sandbag can be invaluable. Consider adding this item to your IJ Tactical Range Bag for improved shooting performance.

3. Chronograph:
If you're interested in measuring the velocity of your ammunition or monitoring your firearm's performance, a chronograph is a useful tool. The IJ Tactical Range Bag provides ample room to pack a chronograph for easy access at the range.

4. Compact Spotting Scope:
To examine targets and evaluate your shooting results, a compact spotting scope can be a valuable asset. The IJ Tactical Range Bag's external compartments and pockets are ideal for safely storing and accessing a spotting scope during your range sessions.

5. Shooting Logbook:
Keeping a shooting logbook allows you to track your progress, record important data, and note any adjustments made during your shooting sessions. Consider including a shooting logbook in the IJ Tactical Range Bag's internal or external pockets.

Remember, these additional items are optional and should be tailored to your specific shooting needs and preferences. The IJ Tactical Range Bag's customizable organization and generous storage space make it an ideal choice for safely storing and transporting your shooting essentials.


With the IJ Tactical Range Bag and its exceptional design features, you have the perfect companion to pack all your essential shooting gear. From firearms and ammunition to eye and ear protection, spare magazines, targets, cleaning supplies, tools, a first aid kit, shooting gloves, snacks, water, and personal items, the IJ Tactical Range Bag ensures that your gear is organized, secure, and easily accessible. Additionally, you can consider adding items like a range finder, shooting rest, chronograph, compact spotting scope, and a shooting logbook to further enhance your shooting experience. Customize your IJ Tactical Range Bag with the gear that suits your shooting preferences, and enjoy a well-prepared and productive time at the range.

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