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Cleaning Mats

Cleaning Mats

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Detailed Rifle/Pistol diagram & assembly instructions mats made of durable oil resistant, waterproof sturdy Neoprene. 

Measures: 35.5'' x 12'' x 1/8'' for the rifle cleaning mat, 17" x 11" x 1/8" for the pistol cleaning mat


Material: Oil resistant Neoprene 




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Customer Reviews

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Decent Mat

Got the Glock and AR-15 mats, pretty good mat material wise, feels like one of my tougher higher end mousepads. Taking off one star because the print could have been better, not a sharp contrast of black and white so much as black and light gray. So that makes it a little hard to read, still a good product.
For the AR-15 mat there are gradient arrows for each section, those probably should have been outlines only instead as the white gradient blends in with the white font and you can't read that half of the words on it.