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IJ Tactical

Haley Strategic D3CRX-H Heavy

Haley Strategic D3CRX-H Heavy

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The D3CR™-H addresses the same mission as the original D3CR™, but has been slightly redesigned to support .308 platforms. Optimized for work in urban, vehicle, rural and other confined settings, the Disruptive Environments™ Chest Rig was built to be worn as a stand alone system with a detachable X-harness or clipped into a armor platform equipped with a quick release system.

When run as a stand alone, the platform is low profile enough to be worn fully loaded and not print on a normal/loose fit jacket or sweatshirt. When run on a armor platform with a quick release system, such as SwiftClips™, it can be attached or stowed in seconds, giving the end user the versatility to transition from low vis to high vis or vice versa.

The rig intentionally does not include a radio or dedicated full size medical pouch so no matter the posture, essentials such as communications and medical kits can remain on the end user at all times. The D3CR™ Heavy is also compatible with the Haley Strategic D3 Expansion System allowing the end user to add features including the holster wedge or multi-mission hanger pouch.

The rifle magazine pouches accept almost any .308 magazine. The Multi-Mission Pouches accept 1911, Glock, Sig, M&P, XD and other standard double or single stack pistol magazines, as well as many handheld lights and multi-tools.



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Lightning shipping

When no one else could make my Multicam DC3CR H dreams IJ tactical came in clutch. Definitely recommend.

+1 for Haley Heavy and IJ Tactical

These guys and this gear is the real deal! Previously I had never heard of IJ Tactical, but came across them while looking for one of these "Heavy" rigs in Multicam. I contacted them prior to ordering, and was convinced the product was authentic. I received a response back from them as well as the product in a very timely fashion. This product is over-engineered and everything I thought it would be. It definitely lives up to the hype. Give these guys a shot, you won't be disappointed.

In the famous words of the GOVERNATOR: I'LL BE BACK