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  • IJ Tactical Scalable Green Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Scalable Gray Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Scalable Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Scalable Chest Rig
  • IJ Tactical Chest Rig
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IJ Tactical

Scalable Chest Rig

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We call this the Scalable Chest Rig (SCR) 

This chest rig can be scaled up or down, depending on your needs!

The Scalable Chest Rig is comprised of several components that are attached and held securely held in place with hook and loop.

  • Chest Rig Base
  • Dangler pouch
  • 2x Side pouches with elastic bungee (will hold 1x Ar15 magazine each)
  • 2x AR15 (or similar) magazine insert
  • .308 (or similar) magazine insert
  • 2x Elastic loop patches 
  • Half pocket cover
  • Should Straps
  • Back Strap

You can use all of the attachments for a full kit, or pick and choose the parts that you need.

The vertical pockets are made to use any pouch or accessories that utilizes hook and loop, such as magazine inserts, pouches full flaps, half flaps, zipper pouches, etc.

    This chest rig has been designed to be used as a stand-alone chest rig or can be used as a plate carrier placard, using the two vertical le buckles and the rear hook panel. Learn More

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Nicholas Z
    Works great!

    Looks good, and works well!

    Tyler Geib
    Great quality for a great price

    The quality of this product is outstanding, especially for the price point. Most chest rigs compareble to this one in quality, fetch $100+. Looking forward to try out more of IJ Tactical gear.

    Gavin Gibbs

    Awesome quality, versatility, and just all around perfect!

    Jake B.
    Good quality for the price

    Very nice rig that ties in well with the plate carrier they have. Unfortunately you need third party straps to attach the rig to the carrier but if the seller was kind enough to point me to them. A bit snug for AK mags as well but I can technically fit 4 in with minimal issues. We'll see how the longevity of the material lasts while I do that though as I imagine this rig was intended for AR magazines. 4.8 out of 5 you wont regret it

    Celestino Aguilar
    Chest rig is very nice

    I can say this rig works for your shooting or larping applications and very lightweight I highly recommend and the quality is outstanding it gives the more expensive rigs a run for their money!