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IJ Tactical

Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0

Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0

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REIN 3.0 is by far, the most powerful and most configurable light ever made. With an upgraded electrical system, it brings you more capability. Nothing comes close. Delivering the power you need, in a small package. Everything you want it to be: Cloud Defensive Rein 3.0

Output Specs & New Features

  • 100,000 Candela peak beam intensity (With 18650)
  • 1250 Lumens output (With 18650)
  • 95 minutes run-time (With 18650)
  • Dual-Fuel capability. REIN 3.0 runs on 18650 and now, can also run on two CR123 batteries. 18650 rechargeable battery provides the best output, by far. However, you can now use 2 CR123 batteries if needed. You will see reduced output with CR123 batteries.
  • 1.3” Bezel diameter – smaller than the original REIN in diameter.
  • 6.17” Long – a very compact full-size light.
  • The same reduced mounting lug height as the REIN 2.0. Shorter than the original REIN 1.0 allowing for tighter mounting.




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    Customer Reviews

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    Kyle Sparks

    FedEx sent my package to the wrong house and wasn’t able to retrieve it. I was told to get ahold of the product company. I sent them an email with my phone number. I received a phone call from them 5 minutes later! They’ve consistently stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. I just got a notification they sent another. A++ on customer service. Definitely will be a repeat customer! Can’t thank them enough


    Awesome light! Fast shipping. I will definitely order from IJ Tactical again!